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And Trouble Arrives! (Suzu - PeaksWoods Lady Bee)

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Hello everyone~! I am excited to introduce my first Peakswoods doll~ She is a Lady Bee and her name is Suzu. I ordered her Sep.9th and she arrived today while I was making some cinnabuns! Suzu is the sister to my KDF Ani boy from Luts (Fo-ru) but let's get on with it!

Box! ^_^ I was so excited that I was shaking more than usual! It looks smaller then the other MSD shipping boxes I have had.

The inner box~! I really wasnt expecting this teal color though, it sure stands out~

Closer look at the box!

I was ever more surprised that those pillows! Now I have had white, purple, yellow and this maroon color.

I see a dollie bubble wrapp mummy! ^_^ Wig, Eyes, COA, and o3o

Close up of the kitty! ^^ Its so cute!

Close up! her eyes look like her brothers...but they arent what I had planned D: Sorry for the back picture, I have a new camera so I am still getting used to it.

All dressed with her right eyes and her wig! I am surprised by the wig though...I thought it was white but it is actually a pale blonde! OxO

Well thanks for looking! ^^ I am so happy Suzu is home, and I hope you like her~

Omake: Suzu and her brother Fo-ru!


Little Soul
Congrats! She's so cute. The box is really nice, I love the pillow color.

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