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My Beyla Arrives!!!

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1My Beyla Arrives!!! Empty My Beyla Arrives!!! on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:36 pm


Little Soul
My best friend bought me my beyla and bygg head for my birthday/Christmas. I was so excited, but of course my little girl did not arrive for either event. I never expected them to.

Last Thursday, while hanging out with my friend, I saw my Chrom holding a wrapped present. Completely caught off guard, I had no clue as to what it was. I wasn't until I was opening it up that I realized it was my beyla!!! I had no clue she was even shipping, especially as the layaway had only been finished off the Friday before.

My beyla doesn't have a name, her Leeke wig is on order, I haven't bought her eyes yet, and her face up hasn't been done. But here's her arrival pics.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2278

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2279

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2282
I also got a little Soom outfit with my girl. However, it doesn't work with any of the hooved children, so it's currently on my Bambicrony elf Roko.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2283
Unicorn parts!

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2284

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2285

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2286

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2289
Bygg head - her name is Lazuli.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2290
My girl's official head.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2292
My beyla all put together.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2295
She swapped torsos with my glot so she could wear the glot wings. Good to know that there are spots to put magnets in for the future, should Lotus want to wear wings or something eventually. Maybe big bat or black feather wings.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2310
Lazuli. I have to order her eyes and get her face up done, but her body is being cast, her wig is ordered and I just have to see which type of hooves will work with the body. I just love the Amber antlers on her! My gem baby.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2304
All of my little girls. None of the wigs are theirs.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2308
My beyla and my glot, Lotus. They're best friends.

My Beyla Arrives!!! 100_2309
I swear Lotus looks so much happier now than her best friend is here. She's been waiting for her since September! Together at last.

2My Beyla Arrives!!! Empty Re: My Beyla Arrives!!! on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:36 pm


congrats! all of your dolls are so nice! If you ever need a faceup, shoot me a pm!

My Beyla Arrives!!! FaceupLOGO

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