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Oha-lucky from Spain!

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1Oha-lucky from Spain! Empty Oha-lucky from Spain! on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:05 pm


New Soul
Hi everyone and nice to meet you!
I have been in the BJD hobby since 2012, the first year I was a stalker and tried to get info about everything, the second year I received my first doll.

- My first girl, Kerli (a Narae 412 head in a Spiritdoll body). Pretty, isn't she?
Oha-lucky from Spain! 20858183446_55ec76cd86_nKerli by Ana Romero, en Flickr

- My first boy, Edgar (a SoulDoll Vito Lester). It took me a couple of months to bond with him. Now I think he is really hot!!
Oha-lucky from Spain! 20884462115_b57bf2d475_nEdgar by Ana Romero, en Flickr

- The little one, Nelliel (DollsBe Mango). The cuttest little girl in the world, the apple of my eye ^w^
Oha-lucky from Spain! 20858183936_f4eb10d245_nNelliel by Ana Romero, en Flickr

Oh, I almost forgot, I own a quilt's shop for dollies, it is called Almazuelas de Colores, where I make quilts, cushions, pillows and pufs for all sizes (you can check my signature if you like to know more).

So I think that's all! Thanks for accepting me and I would love to meet you all!
Have a nice day!

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