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Meet Eilonwy

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1 Meet Eilonwy on Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:30 am


Little Soul
Just some quick, crappy pictures to show you my Soony, Eilonwy. My friend got a body in a trade that she was hoping would go with her new Fairyland head. Sadly the match was terrible, the new head very very white and the body nice and creamy mellow. Disappointed, but noticing a way out, she offered the body to me for my Soony head and instead of having to pay her, all I had to do was order her a brand new F60 body (which I was intending on doing for my Soony anyway) and do the first three payments instead of all of them. She would pay the last, and in the meantime, I get to wander off with the body. Eilonwy matched perfectly, and while she isn't the most posable as I was hoping her to be, she is workin' the body (although she needs to be tightened and her neck sueded). So may I present, Eilonwy Geraint, my name sake!

Hopefully when I'm not trying to write 50000 words in 30 days I'll take some better pictures of her. She's also been bumped up the outfit line and once I'm finished with the Volks outfit I'm making for my friend, she gets a brand spankin' new outfit!

2 Re: Meet Eilonwy on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:52 pm


*o* She is very pretty! <3

3 Re: Meet Eilonwy on Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:55 pm


New Soul
She is very beautiful Regular
I love her hair and Dress^^
I am pleased that the new body so well to her head Skin ton fits.
That's always a risk.

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