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A Wild Event Appears! What To Do?!

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1 A Wild Event Appears! What To Do?! on Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:14 pm


So we all know that in the dollie world that Company Events can be a wonderful yet money draining thing. My thing is that I seem to have a weakness for them...but not just that, they seem to love to torture us buyer's with limited's and suddenly the money we saved up for other things, seems to vanish! Sometimes there is even more than one doll per event that you yearn for!

We have a choice to make though; what we saved for or doll(s) that grabs your heart? I have had family and friends tell me that you can always buy said doll(s) later from someone else on the market place or else where but at times, this is untrue and even if it is, it could lack faceup or the limited clothes you want with it!


See, I find myself drooling over a limited HDF from the Luts winter event and I dearly want her and I plan on getting her but at the same time...I feel really terrible because I am using some of my funds for my trip to go rent a room with a friend in Cali (to check out a school) for a bit!

It only puts my off my plans by a month or two and she said it was fine and not to worry but I still feel rather silly. Good thing she is a BJD owner herself and understands the powerful pull that events can have on people *o*" Even more so, she wants to order items with me!

Has this happened to you?
So what do you do?

2 Re: A Wild Event Appears! What To Do?! on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:17 pm


Little Soul
Ugh, tell me about it. I know this all too well. Soom is terrible for me keeping my money I've earmarked for other doll purchases. Every time I decided that this time I would get my mnf girl her a-line body, a new Soom doll would come out, or there'd be an absolutely irresistible and limited time offer doll appearing on the marketplace. It took over two years for me to finally ignore all the other pretty dolls out there and get my girl's body. Frustrating as hell, but I wouldn't have traded getting Aria's body earlier if it meant I didn't have some of my little cuties.

3 Re: A Wild Event Appears! What To Do?! on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:13 pm


Senior Soul
I always seem to forget/miss events until the very last two or three days. Which by then is not enough time to gather funds for events, sadly. ; 3;

I got lucky with my Maska, since I happened to be looking at luts for a different KDF at the time and snapped him up. xD

I do love events, and wish I could be in time for them. The only problem with event heads I have, is that it takes me forever to get around to getting them bodies. >3>

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