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Little Water Dragon

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1Little Water Dragon Empty Little Water Dragon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:14 am


Little Soul
My little taco arrived Saturday morning as I was heading out to a meetup in the city, so I had to do a bit of a quick box opening.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2853

Little Water Dragon IMG_2854
Yes, these pictures are on the trunk of my car. ANd of course, the sun is more in front of me, making big, long shadows and shiny boxes. lol

Little Water Dragon IMG_2855

Little Water Dragon IMG_2856
More stuff! I didn't have enough time to deal with the dragon parts, and I had no glue on me in which to glue in the magnets anyway, so I put the dragon parts off to the side.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2857
Mummy bag!

Little Water Dragon IMG_2858
And there he is! What a cutie.

This was all I was able to do before heading out for the meet. I stuck the mummy bag in my doll bag and took him to the meet that way. At the meet, I had a wig, pair of eyes, and outfit waiting for him to use so he had something while waiting for me to find better.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2864
I love the open eyed face, but unless I can find another body for it, I don't know when I can use it. For now, he looks good.

Last night I as able to open up the rest of my dragon's parts and put him together. My recent learning of restringing gave me the ability to put on his dragon head and legs without having to wait for my friend to do it for me.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2985
Dragon parts!

Little Water Dragon IMG_2986
He's so cute! Although in my crappy lighting, his platinum blond wig looks very yellow. I blame the peach walls.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2988

Little Water Dragon IMG_2989
In the LTF Elf El default outfit.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2993

Little Water Dragon IMG_2994
A bit of flash to see the colors a bit better.

Little Water Dragon IMG_2995

Little Water Dragon IMG_2996

So there he is. He's still in need of a name, he doesn't know what color eyes he wants, and I need to find some way of getting a short wig with a braid tail, but he's home!

2Little Water Dragon Empty Re: Little Water Dragon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:22 am


Little Soul
Aw, he's really cute!

I always see Dragons having yellow eyes, but thats just me Grin

3Little Water Dragon Empty Re: Little Water Dragon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:19 pm


Aw, lovely! I just adore his outfit! Congrats on getting him home! =w=

4Little Water Dragon Empty Re: Little Water Dragon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:10 pm


Senior Soul
He's so cute. Kiss

The blue resin looks really subtle in your opening, but maybe it's just me? lol

I love the Elf El outfit on him. It makes him look super regal. Jumpy
I can't wait to see more of him later.

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