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Aria's Forever Body (mnf elf shiwoo) + pkf zoe [IMG HEAVY]

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Little Soul
This order has been greatly anticipated. Not just since I made the order, but pretty much since I owned the girl, which has been about 3 1/2 years. Brief story, my Aria came with the mnf elf shiwoo order from Luts as the sleeping head and I knew she'd be my elf shiwoo's twin sister. She started out on a cheap soul kid body, but it didn't suit her. She went from one soul kid body to another, then briefly landed a mnf b-line body before having it sold off to help a friend. Since then, she's been using a BB mature body which has annnoyed the crap out of me for ages.

Due to money (lack thereof) and Soom being a pain in the ass about making me want their limiteds and then last summer the LTF DES been too cute to handle in her fullset form, ordering her body has been constantly put off. But not this time! Aria was getting her body if I was going bankrupt to do it! And, bonus, I was able to get myself a pkf and the even chloe head to boot, so it was wonderful timing.

Now onto the box opening!

DDE box.

Aria's a bit overexcited.

Aria: Come on body...

I was actually surprised by the lack of picture on the MNF box. I guess just getting a body doesn't warrent a pretty picture.

Aria: This box is mine! Igore that little one.

Both my boxes. So glad my PKF box is of a different color than my other storytime boxes.

Aria: All right, lets open this sucker up!

Aria: We'll be ignoring this...

Aria: What the... More foam?

Aria: Hmm, what's this?



Little Soul

Aria: A head...?

Aria: Wait a minute... What's this?

Aria: Feeeet!

Aria: Gotta get....

Aria: there...

Aria: Phew!



Little Soul

Aria: Ah, there it is!

Aria: Okay, get me on this thing.

Body all curled up.

Chloe head! I love her!

And she looks awesome on a body.

She's got a whole bunch of places to put magnets. Not sure what might be put at that magnet in the center of her head. It's too high for a unicorn horn.

Then finally, Aria on her body!

Aria: Uh, what happened to my boobs?

Aria: Ugh, you got me tiny boobs!

Aria: What the hell?

Aria: At least I got a great ass.



Little Soul
Onto the pukifee! The pukifee zoe was bought solely with the intention of putting the shiwoo multihead I have coming onto it. No idea what will happen to the poor zoe.

I love the storytime boxes!

Oh, there's the mnf hands. I was getting worried.

I bought three extra pairs of mnf hands to make up the difference to get the chloe head.

Kid's got attitude right out of the box.

Cute, but...probably not cute enough to save her. Once shiwoo vamp gets here, she's totally being kicked off.

Aria: Hello? Some clothes please!

Aria: Ugh, seriously, I look flat.

Aria: I don't like it.

They're only the small boobs, not the cutie bust. Be thankful. Although I was worried at first she might have accidentally gotten the cutie bust, it was so much smaller than I expected (I only own a large bust b-line girl).

Aria: Ugh, I'm done with you. Be gone!

I then tried on her new extra hands, but every single one was too small for her wrists! I was so bummed!

I think I'm going to have my friend bevel the insides of the hands with her dremmel instead of trying to complain to DDE or FL. I think it'll be less hassel in the end. But that's it! Aria finally is a full MNF! Yay!


Senior Soul
Congrats on finally getting your order~ I was laughing at Aria's desperation to get her body. Grin

Too bad about the extra hands, though. You'd think they'd have thought about something so simple. no

Zoe and Chloe are super cute, as well. I love me some elf ears. Kiss


Congrats! Laugh I loved reading this. Very cute little ones :3


Little Soul
very cute. Good luck on the beveling!

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