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Sewing Circle~

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26Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:11 am


Little Soul
I finally finished my commission last week. It came out even better than the original outfit I made.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7692

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7693

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7701
The pants, as the girl's doll has hooves so I made it a drawstring pair. My first drawstring pants!

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7698
I did a hook and eye for the sleeves, unlike the original that was made with a snap. I like the look of this better.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7697
I commissioned some clothing tags to sew into the clothes.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7707
A closeup of the tag.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_7705
Here's the full outfit, plus the necklace I made to go with it.

I'm so pleased with how this came out! Now if I can just get the girl to get back to me as to whether she liked it and pay me so I can send it to her.

27Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Fri May 18, 2012 4:23 pm


Senior Soul
That commission looks really cool! I hope that the buyer likes it. :3

I made two more tiny wigs.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Fluffs

The one on the left is for my Vili (Soom PMD Iv/Skoll boy) and the right one is for JinMay's Waverly (Soom PMD Alk/Iv boy).
Making these wigs is so much fun. Jumpy

28Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Sun May 20, 2012 8:33 pm


Little Soul
Awesome wigs! I love the little splashes of color in each of them. You make such cute wigs.

The girl just got the commission outfit in and she loves it! I'm so glad, although I was getting worried whether it had gotten there yet or not, since I hadn't heard from her yet. She was in Germany, and it can take a few weeks on regular mail.

I'm now making another commission outfit, a little different. I'll have to post pictures when I have more completed.

29Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Sun May 20, 2012 8:36 pm


ffff thus reminding me I need to commish an outfit for Kala....I posted a WTC thread forever a go but no one wants to. Now I have to wait till I get money to bump it up.

Its good the person liked it though! 8D

And I love the wigs o3o

30Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Mon May 21, 2012 1:19 pm


Senior Soul
Thanks EilonwyG. :3
I'm glad she likes it so much! Can't wait to see the next one. Content

Oh! JinMay, I took a look at what we talked about, and there does seem to be a smaller about of brown from the rest. :\ I'll have to take out some of the camel in order to add the brown, but I'm afraid that there will then me not as much camel. 3: I may just remake the whole thing, and just use less white or something... I don't know yet. I'll talk to you about it when you get online. xD

31Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:40 am


Little Soul
I finished a new commission piece! It was made for a Dollzone boy but modeled on my kid delf elf maska. (I hope I make it well enough for the dollzone body.)

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8633

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8636

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8639

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8650

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8659

32Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:32 pm


Little Soul
I just finished a new outfit for my mnf - Jurianna's coming with me next week to Colonial Williamsburg, so I thought I'd make her an appropriate costume.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8771

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8775

I even made it somewhat reversible to give it a somewhat different look.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_8768

I'm mostly happy with this. It's not made as form fitting as I would have liked - it's something I need to work on as I'm not very good at it. The sleeve flounces don't flair as much as I would have liked, but that has more to do with the material than my abilities.

I also made an underskirt. I'll have to take pictures of that some other time.

33Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 Empty Re: Sewing Circle~ on Sat May 11, 2013 5:32 pm


Little Soul
Some stuff I've been working on.

First is a medieval kirtle for Jurianna. It's one of the most simplistic medieval styles, and my plan has been to make several in multiple colors (and for different sized dolls) and then making various overgowns to go with them for plenty of variety and styles. So far all I have is this:

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9419_zps52623114

It's still a WIP. There will be sleeves and lacings done up the back. It's unfortunately a project that has been on hold for several months.

Next up are a pair of boxers for Tam. I wanted some bed clothes for him, but I'm not really sure if they look like boxers. I think I could have done better.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9570

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9572b

The next outfit is technically a work in progress. The finished outfit is supposed to have a vest and a stripped long tailed jacket that's supposed to match the stripped skirt. It was made for my friend's Volks girl, problem is, it was taking me too long a time for her, plus I was having trouble with the vest and I don't seem to have quite enough material for the jacket of the same material as the skirt. And I can't seem to find it anywhere. So I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish this outfit.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9585

I was only allowed to hold on to the body, so that's why there's no head on it.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9586

I probably should have made some kind of clasp on the back of the main dress, instead of having it be a pullover dress, partially so the fit around the arm on the side didn't look so baggy and bulging. She's very hippy, so I had to make it wider than I would have liked in order for it to work over her body.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9587

Showing how the skirts work with each other. There are two underskirts, one mostly lace with a small yoke.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9589

Here you can see how the skirts flair out nicely when sitting.

I then made another of the easy infinity dresses for Eilonwy, my Soony.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9668

My most recent project has been making a medieval cotehardie for my Delf girl. My Soony, Eilonwy, had been originally modeled after one of the main characters from the Prydain Chronicles, Eilonwy of the red-gold hair. On the cover of the first book in the series is Eilonwy wearing a really pretty dress. I thought it would be fun to make my Eilonwy the dress.

This is the dress from the cover:

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 BookofThree3

After reading articles about medieval clothing, I decided I wanted to make Eilonwy a shift under her gown, as would have been done in medieval times.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9722

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9723

My only criticism on my work is that I think I should have made the piece for the back a little more narrow. It's a little big across her shoulders.

Over this will be the cotehardie, the type of medieval gown that the picture of Eilonwy on the cover seems to be wearing.

It's still a WIP, as I haven't finished the buttons on the front or sleeves yet, but I've pretty much done everything else.

This is what I have so far:

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9763

(The background is the material I intend to use as the gown for my incoming F60 girl's dress.)

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9764

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9767b

Here you can see the close up detail of the collar. I unwound a piece of trim to use as the piping at the edge of the lace so I had something thin enough for her size.

Here it is again on the sleeves:

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9768b

And the zigzag stitch on the bottom of the skirt.

Sewing Circle~ - Page 2 IMG_9769b

I have some silver brads painted to look like pearl buttons that I'll be using. I just need to get on actually doing it.

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