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Sisterly Teasing (Tam & Aria/mnf elf shiwoos)

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1 Sisterly Teasing (Tam & Aria/mnf elf shiwoos) on Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:18 am


Little Soul
It's taken me a while to get this photostory finished, but here it is! Just a little silly something from my shiwoo twins.

(soft humming)

Aria: La la la lala...

Aria: Lala la lalala...

Tam: Uh, what are you doing, Aria?
Aria: Dancin'. What's it look like, silly?

Tam: What do you have on your head? Horns?
Aria: Horns!? They're not horns! They're cat ears.

Aria: I borrowed them from Lechi. Aren't they cute?
Tam: I dunno. They still kind of look like horns.

Tam: You look kind of silly in them.
Aria: I do not!

Aria: Say, I've got an idea!
Tam: Hey, whatcha -

Tam: - cut it out!
Aria: Hold still, little brother.
Tam: Quit it!

Tam: Dont'!
Aria: There we go!

Aria: Aww, Tammy, you make the cutest kitten!

Tam: Aw, geez Aria! What'd you do to me?
Aria: *giggle*

Tam: And stop calling me Tammy!
Aria: Aww, you big baby. I didn't mean anything by it. You just look so cute and squishy!

Tam: Cut it out.
Aria: Aww, I was only playing.

Aria: Come on, little brother. Can't you forgive me?

Tam: You know you're a pain in the butt sometimes.

Tam: W-what?

Aria: Werk!

Aria: *giggle*!
Tam: Aaarrrrggghhh!

Tam: Such a pain in the butt!
Aria: Tee hee! You're so cute when you're angry.

Tam: Mrow!
Aria: *giggle*


Just a sweet picture of the twins.

Aria calls Tam little brother because he was born a few minutes after he was.


New Soul
Aww your Shiwoo's are cute love


aww this is really adorable and funny Laugh


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New Soul
Aww, cute story, and cute dolls too.

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