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Emporium Rules

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1Emporium Rules Empty Emporium Rules on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:31 pm


All members, Buyers & Sellers are required to read these rules prior to buying or selling on LS. Please read them carefully and abide by them. If you are found to violate any of the Emporium/Forum rules you will get three warnings (unless to be a sever violation) and then banned for any amount of time or permanently by a moderator or the admin. This is to keep our members safe.

○ ALL transactions are AT YOUR OWN RISK.
• The forum and host give no guarantee or warranty on items purchased or sold in the Emporium.
○ ALL transactions are between members as private parties.
Members agree to hold the forum and host unaccountable for damages or loss that may occur.
○ Only one sales thread per section per member is allowed.
• Bumping is allowed, but try to keep it to one a day.
○ ALL listings must include a price - this also includes feelers.
• Remove any sold items once they have reached the buyer. No keeping sold item lists. Lists will be removed if found.
○ Chatting that is not related to the sales thread will be REMOVED.
• Any money disputes should be handled by the appropriate means (PayPal, credit card company, bank, etc.)
○ Sellers & Buyers must give notification if they are going to be away for an extended period of time.
• ALL sellers are required to give proof of ownership. A picture of the item being sold and a note showing the owners name is recommended.
DO NOT sell things you do not have "in-hand". Ex. Lottery Winning, Free gifts, etc.) This does not include splits and/or group orders.
• Members found violating any of the rules are subject to temporary or permanent ban of the emporium and/or forum.

○• Please leave feedback, good or bad, in the feedback thread for your seller or buyer. Buyers and Sellers are required to make their own feedback threads and to only have ONE.

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