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Little Souls - RULES - PLEASE READ

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1Little Souls - RULES - PLEASE READ Empty Little Souls - RULES - PLEASE READ on Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:52 pm


Please keep this forum a happy and healthy place by following the rules! :3

General Rules

  • SL is a 13+ forum. Do not post or link to inappropriate material here.
  • One Member Per account. Multiple account will be removed and possible banned.
  • Please try to remain on topic. Create a new thread if you wish to talk about something other than the original posted topic.
  • Please Post in the correct subforum.
  • Be respectful to others and their work. Give constructive critiques and be polite.
  • LS is an English Speaking Forum
  • No BUYING or SELLING outside of the BJD Emporium! (No promoting sells outside of the emporium)
  • Please do not Flame, argue or taunt other members. If an argument rises, please settle it like adults through PM's or off site. NOT ON THE FORUM BOARDS!
  • Excessive inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate ban.
  • The Administration reserves the right to delete posts that do not relate to the forum, topic.
  • The Administration reserves the right to ban and permanently ban members for major inappropriate behavior.
  • If you activate an account and are not active for a few month, it will probably be deleted.

Emporium Rules

  • Abuse of the Emporium will result to Emporium ban.
  • The forum Staff and Host are not responsible for transactions or damages made in the Emporium. These transactions are between private parties and the forum staff and host hold no warranties.

Signatures, Avatars & Images

  • Avatars are limited to 100X100 pixels
  • Signatures should not be any bigger than 800X150 (LXW)and only ONE image in your signature! Signatures should not stretch the page!
  • Photos of other people's dolls cannot be used without the express permission of the doll's owner.
  • Images should not stretch the page! Images should be no bigger than 600X800

Access to the Emporium
Users must have a 25 min post count in order to access the Emporium. This means you will have to be active in the community first Regular

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