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I didn't know you were coming

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1 I didn't know you were coming on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:45 am


Little Soul
My best friend and I went to the NJ Doll and Bear show today.  As usual, we brought a few of our dolls with us, partially to show them off, partially to see what out there might work for our kids.  I brought three with me, an SD, Yo, and Pukifee.

I had not expected to come home with another one.

Although I believe I've seen her before from the last show, one of the vendors had this pretty girl in a purple/blue fairy costume for sale.  Both me and Kearsy stared at her for ages, both of us liking her.  Apparently the seller had originally bought her for 250, but was selling her for only 150.  The box said she was a Bobobie "Love" Cecelia.  I didn't remember ever hearing of a Bobobie Cecelia, but she just looked so cool.

However, neither of us had that much money on us.  She lowered the price to 120 if we were really interested, but still it was more than either of us had on us (I literally had 3 dollars on me).  She offered for us to email us later and she'd ship it.  Eventually, though, it came out that my friend explained she only had 80 dollars on her.

"Okay, I'll sell her for 80."

Kearsy was shocked.  "I feel bad, you'd be taking quite a hit."

"That's okay, I know she'll be going to those who'd love her."

So feeling like she'd be a fool to turn her down again, she bought the girl.  But after a brief conversation, she offered for me to pay off the 80 in trade and I could have the girl.  I was beyond thrilled.  80 is still a bit more than I should be spending on anything this month, I kind of bought a 3DS last month (oops, lol), but like Kearsy I'd be a fool not to take her up on it, especially as I did love her.  She was just so cool.

So now I have my 50th full doll.  Yeah, I currently have 50 dolls (not counting heads).  After a brief search on line for my girl, I've determined that she is not, in fact, a Bobobie or even a Resin Soul doll.  She is in actuality a Doll Love Cecelia.

We did take a closer look at her in the light, and she does need a little bit of love.  Her eyes are wonky, her face has some scuff marks and there's something sticking on her left eye.  We think it might be either the glue used for her eyelashes (that we had to take off because they were falling off) or part of the disgusting putty that nearly fills her head to keep her eyes in.  But it's nothing that a little love can't fix.

Now, while I'm not sure who she is or what she will be, here finally are some pictures of my unexpected new girl.

And some pictures of the mess on her eyes.

I have since worked a bit on the eye to try and get the gunk off and not to0o surprisingly the faceup is coming off from the cleaning.  Not sure if Kearsy will be able to fix it, but if she can't she'll just redo the faceup.  Which is fine.  I just love her little teeth and fangs and her cute ears and her little nose.

She needs better eyes, she needs a different wig (the wig, too, needs some love, and it's a nice wig, I just want something different for her).  I'm not sure if she's going to be an animal shifter girl of some sort, some kind of minorly naughty fairy, or what.  Not even sure if she wants to be from a fantasy world or part of my urban fantasy stories.  Figure I'll stick stuff on her and see what works for me and work on it from there.  Oh, and a name.  She'll need one of those.

2 Re: I didn't know you were coming on Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:37 am


New Soul
She is gorgeous.

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