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Nel Comes Home!

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1Nel Comes Home! Empty Nel Comes Home! on Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:12 pm


Little Soul
My F60 Siean arrived Monday.  I was fortunately off and I called the post office early to see if she's come in and have them hold the package so I could pick her up, rather than waiting for her to be delivered (I often don't get my mail until later in the afternoon).  I picked her up and got her home and decided to do a video box opening for the first time.  I was a little nervous.

I took a few pictures during the box opening as well.

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1594

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1595

The box! *squeee!*
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1596

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1597

She moved in transit, but I've checked her over and despite looking a little uncomfortable, she suffered no damage.  I think she just wanted out of the box.  It can get awfully stuffy in there, and we've had one heck of a heat wave recently.
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1598

The Siean head.
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1599
I think she's cute, although I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her yet.  However, I did discover she looked great in my KD Elf Cherry's wig.  Really softened her up.

And here she is in all her glory!
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1600

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1601

I think I like her better than I imagined I would.  After seeing the few Siean's on the boards with faceups I was starting to get a bit worried that she might not look as nice as I was hoping.  But I think she's really pretty.  It's a shame there aren't too many Sieans yet.  Mirwens and Chloes, sure, but not so much Siean.  I can't wait to get her faceuped!

And my little gift.
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1602
Thanks DDE!

After the video, I met with my best friend who ordered the Mio for lunch so I could drop the little tyke off with her.  Then I came home and dressed my girl and tested her against her possible husband and children.

With Walter:
Nel Comes Home! IMG_1604

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1605

I think they look sweet.  But for comparison sake, I tested my elf chloe head with him as well, as she could also be a possibility, albeit with her eyes opened.

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1607

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1608

Both I think look really nice, but a faceup will really help the decision.

Then I tested the Siean with her children, Alaric and Lechi.

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1626

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1628

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1619

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1622

I think she looks rather motherly and comforting.  Kind of angelic, though, which is fairly appropriate considering she was killed when the two were 15 and 11 (they're 20 and 16 now).

So I officially introduce my Siean, possibly-Nel!

Nel Comes Home! IMG_1631
(She'll need her green eyes if she's Nel.)

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