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Cardel (F70 Nanuri '08)

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1 Cardel (F70 Nanuri '08) on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:10 pm


Little Soul
At the meet on Saturday, I took with me the pieces of my old Bobobie body and the new(ish) head of my character Cardel, a Feeple 70 Nanuri '08.  I also brought my supplies for doing some hot glue sueding.  Technically the body was one I was intending on selling (along with a Ted head), but as I really loved this head (Buff faceup), I thought it would be nice if I gave him a body to hang out on while I save up for more appropriate bodies.

I feel like I did a good job restringing and tightening the body, the sueding does it really well, as Bobobie bodies tend to be very slidey.  Unfortunately, there is only so much I can do, Bobobie isn't the greatest for posing - the hands really don't move much.  And, as it turns out, because I don't have a type 2 neck piece for him, and the neck is a little too big for him - it fits in there pretty much exactly - Cardel has absolutely no head movement.  He cannot move his head in almost anyway, except side to side.  Kind of a shame, but at least he has a body.

Despite his issues, he stands really well, his torso can pose well, his arms don't lock in place when I pose them, but at least they can move and lay in a natural position.  And at least he has a body and can show off his adorableness.

At the meet, I forgot clothing for him, so he had to borrow a rather oversized suit for him to wear so he wouldn't run around naked.  This outfit seems to suit him well.  The shirt is decent, if a bit oversized, but not grossly so.  The pants I originally intended for him to wear are sadly too big around the waist.  Bobobie bodies are incredibly thin.  They're probably the most slender SD boy body I've ever encountered.  I often don't even need to unsnap pants to slip them on!  So I thought I'd try a par of MSD pants I'd been intending on working on.  Yes, technically these are MSD pants.  No idea what MSD they were intended for, as they're too big for any of the MSD boys I have, but on Cardel, they mostly fit.  The snaps keep coming unsnapped, but otherwise, they work very well.  Sitting is slightly problematic, but he has a three part torso, so that helps

So yeah.  That's my boy.  I've had a Nanuri '08 head for ages, but only recently swapped it for this painted head (my friend didn't like what Buff had done, it wasn't what she'd asked for, but it worked for me).

Besides body, I need to figure out if he wants to keep this wig or get something a little smaller and less fluffy (so you can see his cute little elf ears - yes he has elf ears, not that you can see in these pictures, he's a half elf).  When I get my Breakaway his F60 body, Cardel will get that body, which has a type 2 neck piece, so he'll be better off.  But for now, he'll be okay on this.

Now to find him a place to sit in my room. <_<

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