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Hi there

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1Hi there Empty Hi there on Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:44 pm


New Soul
hello ~ never too good at these things, but I'll try. ha. I'm Poet, but i'm called Poe for short. I've been interested in bjds for a few years now & and recently decided to finally get my first doll c: I've been researching, well more like prepping myself for everything. So at this current moment, I don't have a doll, but very soon c:
I'm looking at a MSD; possibly the Doll Leaves Flora :] I've looked at others, but keep going back to the DL Flora. Hopefully getting her sometime in April, just need one more paycheck to come in.l ol.
anywho ~ i want to be a small, pea sized person in the community & this is me being spontaneous & joining a forum for bjds C: (i'm not that talkitve, unless you really get to know me ... way to shy)
sooo i guess that is it? oh, other things non-doll related; ummm i recently turned twenty-four, I do spend mass amounts of time playing sims 3 or minecraft. I have a slight obsession with supernatural, harry potter & my little pony. Oh, chai tea or any tea is simply wonderful.

2Hi there Empty Re: Hi there on Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:40 pm


Little Soul
Hi! Welcome to the forum! How exciting to be saving up for your first BJD. Do you have a character for her yet?

We're a small, currently quiet community, but I hope you like it here.

3Hi there Empty Re: Hi there on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:03 pm


New Soul
I'm still working on it ~ I mean, I know her name will either be 'Cricket' or 'Lemon' ... I think I'll finally know when I have her in my hands c: And as for back story, still working on it Regular lol

I personalty love smaller forums because its easier to communicate -- I know a lot of people talk about DoA, but its kinda intimidating because of its size. So smaller places are perfect. (:

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