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Glot (my Anynn)

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1 Glot (my Anynn) on Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:44 am


New Soul
Here is my cutie little Anynn with her best friend...the puppy^^ She goes with him everywhere. And they will experience a lot of adventures together.

Anynn: I'm so bored. The others went shopping together and we both should just sit here. Come we go.
Puppy: O_ô

Anynn:Have no worry. We go not away Grin
Puppy: huh

Anynn: Oh see the beautiful land.
We can make all Laugh
Puppy: OMG (what she mean??? O.O")

Anynn: Oh a bunch Clover Blush
Puppy: Regular

Anynn: See, a apple. I´m a little hungry^^° And you, puppy?
Puppy: Yummy!

Anynn: Oooh moment, puppy! We can not eat this apple. Think on the story about snow white Surprised
Puppy: dodgy

Anynn: We prefer to hide. Not that the witch is here somewhere. Blank
Puppy: dodgy

After a while both get really hungry. And you decide to come out of hiding to find something to eat. And promptly find they another delicacy. Currants.
Anynn: Oh see, puppy! Currants Laugh Wait I help you! Be careful O_O"
Puppy: Yes tongue
Omg, my hand >.< xD

Later the climbers desire and you climbed a heap of stones. Omg you can see me again xD Did I not beautiful legs? xD Sorry for the sight. * laugh *
Anynn: Oh that's way up.
Puppy: OMG

The mountain was quickly bored. But what is it? A cave?
Anynn: Hello? Heeellllooooo? Is who here?
Puppy: Silent

The day passed slowly and Anynn now had plenty of adventures. They were on their way home.
Anynn: Oh man. I have no longer wanted, puppy. Show the whole flower. How far is it for? Sick
Puppy: Not Funny

Anynn: I do not like where are puppy. I think we're lost. sad
Puppy: no

She sat down on a stone and began to cry terribly.
Anynn: cry I'm so sorry puppy. We are lost. I can not find back home. cry
Puppy: Sick

But then you came THE idea!
Anynn: YEAH! Now I know what we're doing, puppy. Grin I'll save us. Wink

Puppy was very surprised!

Anynn: So I hope it works out. Jumpy
Puppy: Sick

They waiting. -Text on the label: Home, please.-

The others were already back home. Only small Anynn lacked. Since no one knew where she is and no one could find her, I was very concerned, what could be happening and tried again to find her.
After a while I found the little Satan's Brew at the street stand. With paper. And laughed. Believe me Anynns dirty look I will never forget. xD
MeHello my little Adventure Girl. Do you want at home? Laugh
Anynn: Devil right!! (She was very happy to have I found her^^)

At home, she told the girls what you have experienced with puppy everything. We love her!! Kiss

Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoy :3

2 Re: Glot (my Anynn) on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:15 pm


Really cute. :3

3 Re: Glot (my Anynn) on Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:48 am


New Soul
Thank you Blush

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