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Puppy and Unicorn (Soom PMD Iv/Skoll and Bygg/Afi)

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Senior Soul
Today I got Odin and Vili in the mail~ I was talking to JinMay all morning and bothering her since I didn't know if my two boys made it out for delivery. The mailman came a little later than I expected, but two more of my Norse boys have made it home.


One of them got crushed a little. D;

Inside the boxes. Things were packet pretty well, and there wasn't any damage to Odin (who was in the crushed box).

Odin was first, and he stood up right on the carpet. His tan is a really nice color and I'm now officially in love with tan dolls. He maybe the first, but certainly not the last. u3u

Vili was next~ He stood straight up on the carpet as well. I was somewhat hesitant over getting the Iv head, since I wasn't a fan of the company pictures of him, but he instantly won me over. He's such a cute lil puppy.

Sword, shield, and fishy ears. I forgot to snap a pic of the Afi tail, but these three items are going to JinMay~ Her boy Waverly should get some good use out of them. :3

Dressed, eyed, and haired. Odin also has his horn on in this~ It's a little blurry, but you can see Odin's face-up here as well. His eyelashes are a kinda girly, and there is a very faint hint of shimmer on his eyelids. It is pretty cute. <3 Plus look at that lil puppy smile~

Vili showing off his tail. :3 I also ordered his bloomers with these two and the pokadots and lace kill me with cute.

All of my Soom Teenies together. Thor is a Glati and Kyra is a Yrie. Vili is a lot pinker than I'm used to, since Thor and Kyra are white skinned. They're all just really cute together. <3

I still need to find some superglue and get Odin's tail all worked out as well as some MSC for Vili's face and blushing on all four of them. However, right now I'm really happy and content with how they are. <3


Little Soul
*sigh* I really wish I'd gotten a tanned Hati. Your tanned boy is a gorgeous color, I love it! Vili is so happy! Odin is grumpy, but it's a cute grumpy. I'm glad he was okay. Congrats on getting them in, they're adorable!


Senior Soul
Thank you. <3
I bet a tan Hati would have been really pretty too~ The tan color is really nice. Like melted milk chocolate. = w=

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