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Little Riley Arrived (AiDolls Meoroo)

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1 Little Riley Arrived (AiDolls Meoroo) on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:05 pm


Ok, So I ordered this little guy back in Jan during the huge event since a friend had said their feedback had gotten tons better and that there should be anything to worried about...I just got him today. I had to tracking or anything but despite how annoyed I am at the whole thing; the doll is wonderful!

Box! 8D I ripped off the info so no the box didnt arrive that way~

The box within the box! Its a lovely maroon color but to me it looked like a shoe box Laugh

The pillows are really cute but thinner than previous ones I had recived. Kinda like DoD ones but different outer material.

COA, spare hands and free eyes o3o I don't plan to use them but its a nice thought.

Spare head. We got to pick one for the event!

All wrapped up! They taped the crap out of the bubble wrap even though you cant really see it.

It's a bad picture because I felt to icky to go outside and get a good one but here he is all dressed in my MSD's clothes. He is between a MSD and YoSD size. I will show a picture below~ ;w;

Size Comparison: (Left to right; KDF Ani, AiDoll Meoroo, HDF Choux)

2 Re: Little Riley Arrived (AiDolls Meoroo) on Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:15 am


Little Soul
He's really very cute! I'm actually surprised how quickly he got to you. You ordered in January? Yeah, some people didn't get CH dolls for like a year or more. My friend and I had to actually cancel our order it had gotten so ridiculous. I'm glad you've gotten your little guy in, though. He really is a cutie!

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