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A Long Awaited Arrival~! (Luts Limited Mia)

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1 A Long Awaited Arrival~! (Luts Limited Mia) on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:04 pm


So I had received a shipping notice on the 15th from Luts and she finally arrived today, the 18th! I knew it would take three days and I was right, I am so happy she arrived on the weekend!

The mail was way early today and I was about to go back to sleep o3o my nieces both had to lift the box to give it to me since it's so big! <3

Anways, lets get this thing going!

BOX! 8D Big box.

Box within the box~ It white ;W;

Stuff in the box; getting close now!

The event head that I was bribed into keeping around in hopes of loving him someday. :3 August Belleatrix Bennett!

Heeled feet for my SDF Mia and a pair for a KDF!

A Pair of Limited KDF kitty ears and tail! >w<

Here she is, finally! Out of her bubblewrap 8D

Here she is with her hair and eyes *o* <3 Kala~!


My youngest niece, who is really small for her age, in the box!


Little Soul
Cripes how big is this doll?


hm...she seems to be around 60...but I am thinking 65. Her info on Luts says 60 but my delf is 60 with head and she is taller than him....even more so now that I put on her heeled feet I believe.


Little Soul
I think Senior Delfs are 62cm.

She is really lovely. Congrats on getting her in! And I am super jealous of those kitty parts. They're just so cool.


Ah ok, thank you!

Thank you again~! And yeah owo I am happy I grabbed a pair, they really are so cute!

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