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More than a little Overdue (KDF Maska | DOC Kirill)

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Senior Soul
I found these floating in my folders, and thought I'd share.

Akira (my Kirill) just seems to pop up in all of my phototshoots at some point or another...


So lovely! >w< I have been wanting to see more of your Maska! Thank you for posting~!


Senior Soul
Sure thing.
I'll have to take more of him tomorrow, since he's got new clothes. Wink
Hopefully the weather will cooperate with me. . 3.


Little Soul
Oh awesome! The two of them look so cool together. I really need to get around to having my Maska sent off for a faceup. It's so nice to see maska's all done up. Hopefully mine will be all done up some time in the near future, too. lol


Senior Soul
I have such a hard time getting most of my dolls together, so I know what you mean. lol
I do need to get some better photos of them, since most of this shoot was completely blurry. . 3.

Thank you~ And I hope to see your boy all done up as well. :3

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