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Has your dolls expression ever seemed to change?

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Little Soul
Have you ever felt your dolls expression change depending on what they are wearing or doing?

Kiyoshi for example has a pink bunny suit that he hates. Everytime he is in it he looks miserabe or just really angery. I thought I was insane for seeing this, but my sister a fellow doll owner also noticed it, and our Aunt who has nothing to do with the dolls even commented when she was visiting and he was in it that he looked angery.

I noticed today while making some clothes for Kain, that he almost seems happier or smug when his shirt is off and the when you cover him up again he looks Gloomy as usual.

Anyone else? Or am I just plain nuts? Grin


Little Soul
It's never while they're in clothes, as they don't have many at the moment Laugh

Cern has actually looked dissapointed in me when I've pushed off doing work O.O and if I change him or Kira near eachother they look extra blushy Laugh


Little Soul
Oh absolutely! My friend and I swore this one time, when I threatened to steal her elf chiwoo, that her boy gave me this nasty look! Also, I swear that one night Shane, my elf shiwoo, was staring at the wall and had this serious WTF face. Like serious WTF. He looked disturbed.

But I have noticed that sometimes it just seems that they're happier wearing certain things, or that they're happy or sad depending on who they have or don't have to hang out with. Some of my and my friend's couples get very depressed-looking when we take their other half away from them.

It's amazing - for something that has a fixed expression, I'm able to get a range of emotions from my dolls.


Little Soul
Some of my and my friend's couples get very depressed-looking when we take their other half away from them.

I know that! My best friend has Kiyoshi's girl friend, and she lives in a city 45-1 hour up the road. So the kids don't get to see eachother a lot and when Michiko has to leave, kiyoshi looks so crestfallen.


New Soul
I noticed that yesterday!!
When I first took Lukah out of the box, (We were in the car) he seemed to be smiling a little, but last night, I kept messing with his wig and he seemed grouchy.

It's very interesting - I thought I would be the only one who noticed this. xD


Haha totally! All my dolls have at least once but the first time I ever noticed it was sometime ago, I was outside about 2pm and had a cute little bench that I stood Fo-ru near and had him 'play' his violin~ Ani's tend to look a little frowny but I saw a very please and content smile as he looked at it, it was the first time he ever used his beloved violin!

<3 It's an amazing thing, I told my mom about it but she just thought I was crazy >>


I've only seen this with one of my dolls so far, one of my most recent additions. I ordered a LE Iplehouse Benny last year when she first came out. Because the LE full set did not come with a wig, but I wanted her to have very natural-looking African hair, I ordered a curly black doll wig for her...

She HATED it. I have a picture of her with it on and she looks liks she is frowning. Needless to say, I swiftly bought her a different wig, of a very different style. It's straight and black underneath but blonde on top. When I put it on her, she looked much, much happier. She smiles all the time now, with that more modern wig. It's very strange.

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