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The Slumber Party

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1 The Slumber Party on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:20 pm


Little Soul
(edit: I aplogise right now to anyone who has not played Final fantasy 4. Kain and Kiyoshi referance it more then once since Kain is baced on my favorite character from it.)

With Kiyoshi and Momo's parents away (again) for the weekend, Yunnie kindly offered the kids a place to stay for the weekend.

Kiyoshi "So you've really never been to a sleepover before?"
Kain "No, not unless you count all the times Cecil, Rosa and I had to sleep in tents when we traveled togeather. So far this us much more...pleasant"
Kiyoshi " More pleasant how? Like less awkward tension between the three of you? Grin
Kain "...."
"Try not having to worry about being surrounded by a horde of Monsters which desire your death the next morning".

Kain .oO( Why does she have a tiny version of me on a Chocobo on her dresser?)
Kiyoshi" You've obviously never seen Momo first thing in the morning then...."

Momo "Heeeey!"
Yunnie" Just ignore him Momo. Now, see here is how I did your hair just watch me"

Kain "Just what are you two doing back there, may I inquire?"

Yunnie "I'm teaching Momo how to braid hair."

Kain "With my hair...."

Yunnie "Well it is the longest."

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2 Re: The Slumber Party on Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:07 pm


Little Soul
Kain" Of course, makes perfect"

Kiyoshi "Hahahahahhahahaha!"
Kain "Thanks...the laughing really helps Kiyoshi."


Yunnie "And here I thought after all those sugary snacks she'd never sleep."
Kiyoshi "Nah, once she's out, she's out till morning."

(Somehow they ended up making DnD characters....)

Kiyoshi "So if I'm making a Theif, my highest stat should be Dex right?"

Kain "...sounds about right...."
Yunnie "And 18 for my Charisma stat... Kain honey your starting to sound sleepy."

Even Later...

Kiyoshi "zzzzzzzzzzz..."

Yunnie "Honestly, I guessed you'd fall asleep before him, you seemed so sleepy earlier."
Kain "Finally all those years of training came in handy."

Yunnie "Meditating under waterfalls and Jump attacking bears?"
Kain "Heh, no I was thinking of all that travel time with two pint-sized hyper active Mages who never wanted to sleep. Eventually you learn to outlast them."

Yunnie "I suppose we should go to sleep now too."
Kain "Probably"
Yunnie " G'night Kain."
Kain "Good night my love."

Yunnie "..Kain?"
Kain "Yes?"
Yunnie" Your hair looks really pretty Regular"
Kain no


3 Re: The Slumber Party on Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:47 pm


Little Soul
For those who (might) have not played Final Fantasy 4: Kain Highwind was the Dragoon character for that game, their attack is Jump.

Cecil Rosa and Kain had an awkward love triangle. Best friends in love with the same girl.

The two pint sized mages were twin boy and girl Palom and Porum. Palom tended to get everyone in trouble with his big mouth.

4 Re: The Slumber Party on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:24 pm


Senior Soul
This is so cute. 83

I love all the little props. The cactor plush and the little bag/purse (in the first shot) are my favorites.
Kain should realize that hair braiding is essential to all good sleepovers. Wink

5 Re: The Slumber Party on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:41 pm


Little Soul
My friend gave me that purse for christmas one year, I've never know if she intended it to be a doll purse (she is a non collector and possibly finds them creepy) but that is how it ended up. As for the Cactuar plush, its a keychain that I took the chain off of, I found it at one of the local geek stores along with a jointed Moogle which went to a friends doll. tongue

Doll props I have in abundance, doll furniture not so much.

6 Re: The Slumber Party on Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:24 pm


Senior Soul
Very nice. 83 Keychains seem to come in handy for dollies. love

I seem to be the opposite. Laugh I have a lot more furniture (ie. wicker chairs. <<) than anything else. no

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