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What things have you found for your dolls?

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1 What things have you found for your dolls? on Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:18 pm


Senior Soul
I'm a bit of a scavenger, always looking around for stuff for my dolls in whatever store I go to.

I've found a whole bunch of different things. From bunk beds to little teddy bears, clothes to wigs.

Just post your pictures of things you found for your dolls, and where you got it, if you remember. Jumpy

Today I picked up some silly band rings, they fit my MSD like bracelets. 83

I got them at a local flea market, but you can find them just about anywhere.

I'll post some more pictures of things I've found later, so show me your's in the mean time. Kiss


Doll MSD/YoSD Canapoy bed for Cho and such~ from JCP

MSD Sized chair from JoAnn's.

MSD and SD Volins from a local Miniture shop.

A puki/MSD sized bucket frm Logan's Stakehouse.

Chair from Claires~for Puki.

Tea set from some random country my grandma got me on her trip.

I also have puki sized chairs and Harp along with food and stuff like tea sets.


Senior Soul
Here's some other things I've gotten.

Skirt bought from a doll line Build-a-Bear used to do, but I'm pretty sure they discontinued it, sadly. cry
Shoes (were key chains) from a Walgreens a couple years ago.
Necklace from a flea market dealer (was intended to be a baby bracelet). It's magnetic, which makes it easy to put on and pull of Casey. Blush

Chairs and bunk bed from a St.Vincent DePaul. Same with the little kitty plush.
Little pillows were old Bratz pillows I've had for forever.
Pumpkin Teddy was given to me when I bought my Bory girl secondhand. The Chicken was also a gift from a friend.


Senior Soul
My dad found my dolls something yesterday.

It's a patio tent miniature. 8D

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