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I like my Dolll(s) but....

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1 I like my Dolll(s) but.... on Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:39 pm


Here we write what we dislike about out beloved dolls, just a fun little game so no going to far.

Hikaru: She has the old DOC body and I hate her joints.

Fo-ru: He has yellowed some.

Namailie: She doesnt stand well.

Cho: His legs are wonky.

Cesar: His arms wont stay up no matter what. D:

Isabella: She log a food magnet so I cant used her.

Relj: His hair is always in his face, stupid wig lol

Piper-Ann: Her wig likes to fall off, even with the cap.

Poppy: She lacks a body.

2 Re: I like my Dolll(s) but.... on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:11 pm


Senior Soul
My main problems are also with the delf arms. I don't trust August to keep his arms up or stand for too long for that matter. I think I'm just going to try to re suede him, though. It helped last time. >>

I also have issues with my Glati standing, since his hooves are kinda awkward to pose. I think I need to restring him. And I have to re do his face up, since it's not working for me. D<

Akira is also in need of a faceup, since it's half scrubbed off. >>

My girls don't usually give me too many issues, though. Except Kyra's arms (as well as Thor's) only want to stay in two positions: straight down or bent 90 degrees. no

3 Re: I like my Dolll(s) but.... on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:42 pm


Little Soul
Kiyoshi hates to stand, its a battle everytime.

Kain, never wants to sit up, he usually slumps back.

And Yun's hip joints have a terrible habbit of eating her underwear.

4 Re: I like my Dolll(s) but.... on Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:30 am


Little Soul
Most of my dolls are seriously retarded to try to pose. Either they're too floppy, like most of my SDs, particularly my Luts kiddos (especially Konnel, floppy baby, and Akari/Zevra, but her body is 5 years old, so that's to be expected, and Nardakk because BB/RS kiddos arer notorious for floppiness). Althouh Tag poses like a dream. lol

Konnel's wigs never seem to look right on him - I blame his stupidly retarded narrow face. Angry

Lotus won't stop clicking her hooves together. Terra can't practically sit with those dumb nubs on the back of her hooves.

Aria's BB body just plain sucks - the stringing and hook in her head keeps making her eyes move all wonky. This problem will be solved as soon as my FL order comes in, however.

Illyriel's wings won't stay on, dispite being shoved in her back and inserted with awesome earth magnets. Apparently they just made the resin a little too heavy in the wings. cry

Nilavaj sucks at sitting, standing, lounging, or any sort of natural pose. I blame the b-line body that I can never replace because of her being tan.

Most of my MNFs have this head jerk thing that they do, making it almost impossible to do inbetween head movement poses.

Aji and Naami are too tight and can't sit up right well.

Effie, while having a beautiful head of hair, has trouble keeping her head poses because of the weight of all that hair. She totally needs kips.

Shara's hair has serious flyaways.

Alaric and Zachary have serious tennis elbow and don't have much movement in them - they needed to be modded to be more like Luts elbows.

Most of them have terrible time standing in shoes, and even worse time standing in shoes in the grass. Urgh.... Makes for making photostories very difficult.

One of Aria's eyes is open more than the other, often giving her the impression that her eyes are wonky, even when their exactly even. Been meaning to bring it up to Angel Toast, but I just don't have the money to have her redone, even if she does offer discounts to having her faceups redone.

5 Re: I like my Dolll(s) but.... on Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:12 pm


Little Soul
Kira loves to kick and spread her legs and her default faceup is sucky

Cern's ankle was badly damaged in shipping and his leg fur makes pants impossible ><

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