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Story behind your dolls name? How did you come up with it?

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Fo-ru: I looked up Autumn In japanese but there was no word for it so I looked for Fall and thus Fo-ru!

Hikaru: Hikaru name came from watching Angelic Layer while waiting for her.

Namalie: Code Geass, I can saying Lulu's sister's name as Namalie and it stuck because I liked it so much. I makde a OC and put it into a doll form.

Cho: I wanted butterfuly in japanese and forgot the U at the end, so it stuck as Cho with means someing like "beig proporus" with is good since he is a prince(ess)

Cesar: He is just based off Cesar Borgia in History. Stared from reading Canterella.

Isabella: Not sure how I got her name actually....

Relj: It was a name is FF8 I believe of one of the bunny people, called something else....I saw it while watching a LP of the game and it stuck! His middled, Balthier is also from there and my mom choose his last name.

Piper-Ann: Name from Charmed, Piper but I added Ann to it since it was cute and sounded more like her personaility.

Poppy: Poppy's name came from a book, the girl also had red hair and green eyes.

Aiden: His name was brainstormed with a friend. I love the name Aiden so I picked it, since its sweet but stil boyish!


Little Soul
Kiyoshi I looked at Japanese boys names (though he is a korean doll) and found it. It means Quiet one, which since he was a doll made sence to me.

Momo was named party after the main character from Peach Girl (an anime). Momo means Peach in Japanese, and she was already very pink in her old owners photo's, so I went with it.

Kain is named for Kain Highwind, one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters.

Yun was given a Korean girls name, since all my Korean dolls had Japanese names I decided to give my Japanese doll a Korean one. It means melody, I kinda wanted her to be a signer when I first got her.


Little Soul
Well, most of my dolls were named after the D&D character that inspired them.

Illymar - D&D character, no idea where his name came from, I think I made it up.

Akari - D&D character, name came from a character from the Ranma 1/2 manga (not the anime), although I lengthened her full name to Akarineli to make it a bit more elven.

Gretchen - oddly, named by a co-worker, he worked hard to come up with a name he thought I'd like.

Aionni - D&D character, a name I made up when messing around with letter tiles in a game.

Rhyla - D&D character, also a name I made up, as far as I'm aware.

Zip & Dip - D&D characters whose names and full personalities just appeared before me one day. They just always have been.

Aji - D&D character's daughter, name kind of came from a variation of Aki, her dad, to make it that she was named for her father.

Yaazi - D&D character, I searched through the back of Acorna books to find a Linyaari word I really liked and Yaazi meant beloved.

Zachary - D&D character, I didn't name him, I didn't even create him, he was a NPC in a pregenerated campaign that ended up with a life of his own and some how joined the PC group. I did however give him the middle name of Benjamin.

Tam - D&D character though the doll came first, full name Tristam, his name came from a character I really liked in an Eberron book, Tam has a bit of the character's personality and interests but is his own character.

Aria - D&D character though the doll came first, after hemming and hawing over her name, I ended up naming her after a cousin's daughter whom I've never met.

Naami - D&D character's daughter, a sort of created name, mildly based after a Japanese name, I think, but made to look more Linyaari.

Shane - D&D character, although he was a doll first, his name was just a name I liked, his middle name of Nicolas is because he was a Christmas present (like in St. Nicolas) and his last name Quinn was the runner-up name.

Poppy - I wanted a cute, flower name for her and Poppy really seemed to suit her.

Nilavaj - D&D character, the name was on a list of names my friend has for character and I thought the name has a kind of Middle-Eastern ring to it, which suited the character.

Konnel - D&D/Shadowrun character, his name kind of came about from a name I read in a book I had just finished before I created the character. The name was just on my mind and so it became his.

Juniper - D&D character's daughter, her name is the name of her grandmother's mother, and that name came about because I wanted a cute, flower name for Akari's kender grandmother.

Tay - D&D character's son, his name came about as sort of a bastardization of the name Thackary. Named for his father Zachary, Thackary couldn't say the 'th' sound as a kid, so it came out Tackary and then shortened to Tay.

Alaric - D&D character, went looking up names that were Scandinavian in origin, I believe, and I liked this one best.

Lechi - D&D character, her full name is Lechinska and again I was looking for Scandinavian sounding names and liked how this one flowed.

Effie - D&D character's daughter, her full name is Ephynene and it was a name I created a few years ago after a manager's name who went by Effie. She was Greek and I think her full name was Ephechia or something like that, but I sort of warped it to a new spelling of the name Epinine from Les Mis.

Zevra - D&D character, I wanted something elven and Gypsy and the same time and this name kind of came to me, although I had no idea from where at first (turns out I just took the 'h' our of the zhevra animals from World of Warcraf, Laugh) although her full name is Azevranisha and is totally a creation of my own.

Nardakk - D&D character, a name I created to sound orcish.

Lotus - she wanted a purple flower name, and lotus worked perfectly.

Kilian - D&D character, it was a name I liked from a list of names, although his full name is Kilianithwyr.

Tag - D&D character, he was named after a character from the Walker of Time trilogy, although T-A-G does not stand for Trumont Abraham Groatwald, like it does for that Tag. Tag's name is actually Talthebios Ainmere Gwenyth, but he always goes by Tag.

Liam - D&D character's son, it was a name I liked that went with the rest of the family's names. They're all a little Irish sounding.

Brisa - I was looking for a goddessy or Greek sounding name, something that meant wind or air, Brisa means 'breeze'.

Lazuli - I needed a gem name for her and went with Lazuli, as in Lapis Lazuli, she's often refered to as just Zuli.

Teddy - although his full name is Hotedros (as I wanted kind of a Native American/tribal name for him), he goes by Teddy and this is mostly because of a joke from when I got him, my friend named him Teddy and his teddy bear Wolfram, thinking this was very funny and both names just stuck.

Terra - I wanted an earthy sort of name for my woodsy girl, something maybe ancient Celtic or druidic, but my friend named her Terra and it just stuck.

Shara - D&D character's daugher, her full name is Vishara and her name was a made up name that was a collaborative effort between me and my best friend.

Auchre - his name was finally decided upon because my friend and I remembered the name of another friend's character from years ago and decided his name was pretty cool and would work nicely for my nameless boy. I'm pretty sure my friend made up the original name, but I think I chanced the spelling.

Illyriel - I was looking for angel names, something ethereal and this one spoke to me.

Eilonwy - D&D character besides also being my screen name, she was named after the Princess Eilonwy from the Prydain Chronicles, although my Eilonwy is elven and not a princess.

Jurianna - D&D character's sister, I really liked the name Juri from the mold and just added Anna to the end of it, never expecting that the character would end up actually in a Juri mold.

Tantenari - D&D character, her race needed a longer, complex name and I needed a specific sound to it, so I made it up myself.

Nollyn - D&D character, I think I might have gotten the name from a name book, although I changed the spelling. It was just a name I liked.

Naveen - D&D character, totally named after Naveen Andrews from Lost (and not Prince Naveen from the Princess and the Frog - my Naveen came first).


Senior Soul
Akira and Kyra: Came from looking up names on Those were two names that I like, so I stuck with them.

Casey: I had a weird dream one night, where I had twin kids and named them Corey and Casey. The names stuck, and got used for my bory twins.

August: I kept seeing dolls named October, and really like the name. But I didn't want my boy to have the same name as so many other's, and my birthday was in that month. So I thought of other months that could work for him, and August stuck. xD


Little Soul
Kira: It's her model name and I looked up the meaning and it supposedly means black which totally contradicts her light and innocent personality so I thought it was funny.

Cern: I love mythology and Cernunnos is a ancient irish mythology figure associated with rams and other creatures so I figured Cern was a perfect name for my goat-boy Laugh

Crispin and Hellion: both names come from my favorite actor, Crispin Hellion Glover, though Crispin is mainly named so because he looks so cute and innocent. Hellion is a Spiritdoll Stayne and the actor played Stayne (the knave) in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland so I wanted to name him after the actor as well.


Little Soul
I saw her in the middle of a busy dealers room at otakon. I asked her price and spent the whole day and night acting like a child who hopes their toy would still be at the park where they left it the next day. that night i went back to my friends farm house where we were staying and laid on the queen size bed i had to share with three other girls and as I started to drift off in a house that had no ac and a poor fan trying to cool the room down as others slapped their limbs when a flea would bite (she had a dog that brought them home) The name Willow popped into my head. I rushed to get my Willow the next day. Two to three days later my brother and his friend came over to pic up a sofa and asked if her name was autumn, I said no it was willowmina, willow for short, the Mina was added to willow in honor of dracula, you know Mina Murray is spiritually strong, pure of heart, resourceful and intellectually gifted beautiful young woman. She is Jonathan Harker's fiancee in the movie, yes thank you IMBD. So Autumn was added to her name. Willowmina Autumn....but i found she needed a last name and for some reason, maybe it is because i watched Tangled resently the last name Ryder joined the mix.

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