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Luts KDF Ttori

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1 Luts KDF Ttori on Sun Feb 13, 2011 6:01 pm


Name: Cho
Type: NS Boy
Birthday/arrival: Aug. 22nd 2009
Wig: Souldoll Default (It was Nami's)
Eyes: Light purple/lavender from mimiwoo
Customization: None
Location: NA
Likes: Sweets, Lolita, Shoes, Dresses and Relj
Dislikes: Cesar (sometimes), spicey food, anime.
Personality: Cho is a Diva, a Lolitaish Diva.
Relationships: In love with Relj.
Any additional info/backstory: Cho is a prince(ess) who ran awway from home, wanting more out of life.

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