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DOD Kirill

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1 DOD Kirill on Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:40 pm


Senior Soul
Name: Akira
Type: Homme NS
Birthday/arrival: Dec 22, 2008
Wig: Default
Eyes: 16mm dollmore blue
Customization: Face-up by mel-mel-chan on doa
Location: ...face. xD
Likes: Quiet, reading, and action movies
Dislikes: Noise, annoying people, and sour candies
Personality: Somewhat bratty and sarcastic
Relationships: none
Any additional info/backstory: Akira is a mind reader with no control over his ability. The majority of the time all he hears is an annoying buzzing noise.

2 Re: DOD Kirill on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:33 pm


Little Soul
Name: Zip Amberquip
Type: Homme NS
Birthday/arrival: April 18, 2007
Wig: Cotin Doll SCW17 auburn
Eyes: Ginarolo 14mm green/brown hazel
Customization: pointed ears added by Kearsy
Likes: cooking, adventuring, magic, reading, flirting with boys/his husband, embroidery on his clothes
Dislikes: bullying, cruelty, tall people (other than his husband) picking him up
Personality: flirtatious, occasionally sarcastic, good sense of humor, mild klepto, caring
Relationships: twin brother, Dip (DoD Ivan)
Any additional info/backstory: Zip, like his twin brother Dip, is a kender, a race of mildly klepto curious adventurers. Unlike many of his kind, he's had a tough life - while most kender are carefree, and Zip certainly has his moments, he's had to deal with being the only kender he's ever known to be gay. He has found love, only to lose it in a horrible fashion, and he has been a slave where he was mentally and physically abused. Now, however, he has found love again and has gotten married, although an old love still haunts his life...

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