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1 Breakaway's on Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:06 pm


Name: Casar Borgia
Type: Breakyaway 08'Sleeping
Birthday/arrival: Augusy 2009
Wig: DW-104 For Delf (Natural Black)
Eyes: None
Customization: faceup? Laugh
Likes: Books, swords, peace and quite.
Dislikes: Loud music (uneless its his) Eggs, and crows.
Personality: Cesar is a greatally quite person bu when with good friends his attiude gets a little more normal and he can be a tab bit cocky.
Relationships: Care taker of Cho.
Any additional info/backstory: He was based of a Historical Figure.

Faceup shot:

2 Re: Breakaway's on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:22 pm


Senior Soul
Name: August
Type: 08' Sleeping Vamp on Luts NS type 3 delf body
Birthday/arrival: Feb 3, 2009 (Head), Aug 21, 2009 (Body)
Wig: I believe it's Luts DW-214 For Delf (Black)
Eyes: None
Customization: Face-up (Done by me) Earrings
Location: Earrings: Glued on, two on his left, one on his right
Likes: Coffee, Scary Movies, and Computer Surfing
Dislikes: Sweets, Waiting, and Candles
Personality: Self Confident, Protective of those close to him, and Laid Back
Relationships: None
Any additional info/backstory:
A recently turned vampire, trying to come to grips with his change.


3 Re: Breakaway's on Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:16 pm


New Soul
Name: Emjés
Mold: Breakaway 2005 BW
Age: 22
Eye: Black
Wig: KStarr
Face up: Dotz
Like: His friends, good food.
Dislike: Stupid people

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