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1Dollie Info Empty Dollie Info on Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:17 pm


So for RP reasons we need our info posted so people can get a feel for our OC/Doll's personalites. This should be a SubForum so Poiizu if you read this and dont deleted it can you make it one? Grin

Hikaru Lynn Strife
Hikaru is a 14 year old fae who is attending a private Paranormal Academy. She has blond hair or pink hair and blue eyes. She is 14, she stopped aging, and is half french and half Japanese. She enjoys sweet cakes and enjoys going to the cafe/bakery is town with her friends from school. Hikaru has a crush on Fo-ru even though he is rather unkind to her at most times. She has an Older and younger sister, Tsukiko and Isabella. Hikaru likes just about anyone so she has tons of friends. On her 12th birthday her parents sent her to travel the world, visiting each country; at the age of 14 she went to live in the USA with her Uncle. My mother is French and her name was Ophelia and my father was Japanese, his name being Toshiro Takai. Hikaru is a book lover and tends to read a full (big) book per day/week. After sometime Hikaru begins to lose strength and falls ill; at the time no one knows why but with each passing weeks it gets worse. Hikaru becomes pale and almost sickly looking but still tries her best to keep up with the others at school.
DOD Leya

Fo-ru N. Retsuya
Fo-ruru's past is cloaked in darkness and mystery, he doesn't remember much (sorry not telling his full story) so he cant tell you much about it. He is currently growing up in a foster home with a few others who go in an out but he doesn't really speak to them. His personality is blunt, harsh and easily annoyed but deep down he can be sweet and caring to some people. He doesn't get along with will Cho or Hikaru but enjoys Namalie's company. He likes cake and potato chips. Fo-ru is 15 and Japanese with light brown hair and blue eyes, he is also Fae and attending the Paranormal Academy.Fo-ru has a connection with Relj due to his parents.(Relj knew Fo-ru's mother before she died, she visited his world) Voice would be that of Japanese Ceil Phantomive-Maaya Sakamoto
Luts KDF Any Boy RS

Namalie Clarice Nashlyn
Namalie is a animated resin manikin. Her creator was murder some years ago, and upon seeing it she murdered the person that killed him and ran away. She was visited by a spirit/energy being that offered her a new path, to join D.O.G.S, an illegal fighting tournament that takes place in another word. After that ended badly she has gone from one world to another, murdering millions and joining other illegal tournaments as she goes. She is currently hiding herself in Fo-ru and Hikaru's world until things cool down. She doesn't eat but she says that if she could, she would live off of Scones and truffles. She has a sweet but insane personality and doesn't hesitate to kill, mane, or hurt anyone she feels like. When low on energy she shakes and will ' pass out ' but can restore it after a few hours of good rest; lack of energy makes her more crazy. Namalie is over 100 years old depending on her time jumps but she looks 15-16.
Souldoll Soul-kid Winy Dreamer

Cho Ciel Kurosora
Cho is a prince(ss) of a race known as Arcaners. His life of luxury has lead to him being a 'diva' and a spoiled brat. By his fathers orders he is to act like he is above everyone, seeing as how he is royal. He only enjoys the finest of clothing and prefers Lolita fashion; Cho loves pinks and purples, frills and lace! The one way to make him happy is to give him something cute~ He tends to throw fits when he doesn't get what he wants but he has a sweet side that he only rarely shows to a select few people. Cho always looks young but he bends his age to his use, however he is usually seen as a 13 year old. Cho's weakness is Cesar, his guardian butler thing. He causes havoc as much as possible when the other isn't around. He loves to mess with Fo-ru when he is around him~ Cho is looking for a guy who can be sweet but is also a jerk; someone who can stand his diva princess attitude for most of the time. Although stated above it says that he he a sweet side rarely shown, that happens to only apply to the people he lives with or close friends. If Cho doesn't know a person he puts on a fake smile and acts sweet as possible. Later when Cho and Relj meet they fall in love!
Luts KDF Ttori boy

Cesar Borgia
He is Cesar from history. The day of Ceil's birth he was revived and given to him as a caretaker and guard for life. Cesar is blind, after an 'incident' his sight was lost and his eyes were taken right out of his head but it doesn't hinder him in his job to protect Cho. His personality is quite and withdrawn but when having a good day he will be light spoken and cocky. Cesar was once human but had become an immortal the day he was called back to life, the dark magic they used to bring him back took its price in the form of his mortality. He is 6'4" and appears to be 17 years of age, he loves curry. As an immortal he can be taken apart and not die unless his heart is stabbed. Rarely when put back together (like head to body) he will experience memory lost of a short period (example: The time his head was separated he will forget.) Sometimes it returns and other times it doesn't.
Sleeping Breakaway 08

Isabella Rose Strife
Isabella (aka Boris by my mom and I sometimes) is a small and usually pretty quite girl. She, much like her sister, reads more then anything but unlike Hikaru she doesn't mind showing her smarts. Isabella was a later surprise to Hikaru, after living at her new home in japan for a few years she received an unusual call from her parents, requesting to take care of her younger sister Isabella as she attends the Paranormal Academy with her and the others. Isabella is a fan of sweets, anything really, but hardly ever admits it~ She looks young, about 7, but is older in truth. Her 'Forever' age sadly was at a young age. She sometimes get called Boris by me Laugh Isabella seems to enjoy the odd company of Cho, and for some reason the girly boy likes to be around her as well. It is later found out that Isabella had been taken from her parents years prior to returning to them and had lived most of her life in a traveling circus. Although she doesn't seem like the type of person to be there she has odd tricks up her sleeves, but she will probably never use them; In her closet she has a black box, inside is a little red dress, white apron and white bloomers, that was her outfit from her traveling days...she never lets anyone see it.
Pukipuki Rose

Relj Baltheir Aeros
Relj was once a Queens Knight assigned to guard the prince in his world but when the Queendom fell after a 'internal' attack he was forced to take the prince and leave. He used his only means to true escape, leaving to a new world. Upon arriving him and the prince took up hiding there, taking refuge in a underground waterway system. After a few months of struggling to get by, the two had finally grown used to this new life...their old one now seemingly a dream. One day while Relj was out buying some food from the market above, the prince was murdered; Relj was alone. Upon trying to return to his beloved Queendom with the dark news he discovered that he was blamed for the whole thing...even his dear price's death, Relj could never return home again. Relj is very tactical boy, always taking a logical standpoint although when not in a dire situation he can act like a normal kid~ when flustered or such he will show it by being angry, he doesn't like being embarrassed. His favorite food is spiced potatoes or Baked/Steamed Pork Buns. Relj's interactions with the others are sometimes rough since he is very mature for his age, even boy Fo-ru at some points, but otherwise he acts well with them. Relj found his way to them when he went looking for Fo-ru's mom which lef to him and the others.
Luts LE Bory

Poppy Noir
Poppy is a elf from deep in the forest;Her village is set by a large water fall. Poppy has always been an adventurous one, she loves to go hunting and exploring, swimming and flower gathering. Her father is the village healer along with her mother so Poppy has some knowlage of how to make elven medicines but never really payed attention. How Poppy came to leave the village was a little sad, she was tricked by a sweet talking human to follow him to a new world outside of the wood but at the next village she was caged and sold. Luckly her new master was kind and after awhile he let her leave. Poppy stumbled across the Paranormal School and they accepted her at the west side for teaching. She met Hikaru and Namalie on lunch break and quickly became friends, meeting the others later.Poppy is used to eating Flowers, berries and rarely meat (she isnt a huge fan of meat) but its a skilled hunter for her age. Poppy loves napping in a open feilds.
Bobobie Pixie

Piper-Ann Thomas
Piper-Ann, a small child who was taken is by Cesar Borgia a year after he and Cho arrived at the Paranormal Academy. Cesar was asked by the Principle to take in the young girl, warning him that she could be dangerous due to her being a young succubus who was be punshied for her actions by being forced to stay her young age until the Hades Councle and School head decided other wise. She was sent to the Academy from Hades School for demons and other paranormals, her mother and father were of royal descent but disowned for falling in love. Piper-Ann perfers her full first name rather then Piper; Piper-Ann is a sweet girl until Cho and her have afight over who Cesar really belongs to...Neither really wins. Her favorite color is Neon green and she loves to play dress up and her Yukata, a gift from her father, is her favorite outfit. Her pink boots, her favorite shoes.

2Dollie Info Empty Re: Dollie Info on Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:09 am


Little Soul
You have such an interesting group! They have such extensive backgrounds.

I don't think I'll be writing out all my character's backgrounds - it would take forever. Laugh

3Dollie Info Empty Re: Dollie Info on Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:52 am


Haha atleast the ones you might rp with? I should cut down my list but I dont know who I will use yet Laugh And thank you, I take pride in my dolls and that backstories!

4Dollie Info Empty BACK story on Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:34 pm


Little Soul

Willowmina Autumn Ryder can be found in the art studio of the academy she teaches at. At the age of twenty she became a teacher having excelled in school threw her life. She loves helping people find their inspiration. Willow was raised by her mother who was disowned by her father when she got pregnant. Her life with her mother was a happy one, her mother was very doting and worked hard to provide for her love child. Willow’s father was a soldier who never knew he had a daughter he died before he ever found out Willow was conceived. When Willow was twelve her mother was killed in front of her when a criminal decided to rob the bank Willow’s mother worked at. Willow’s mother died protecting her daughter from unnecessary fire. Willow’s grandfather then took her in and sent her to boarding school to finish her education. Once there with no family or friends she poured her heart and soul into her studies she quickly excelled and skipped grades, the teachers had a hard time challenging her and she was soon on a college level at the age of sixteen. Her grandfather was very doting when she came home on the holidays and during the summer, but that did not keep Willow from her books. During the summer of her nineteenth year her grandfather died and she inherited all his worldly possessions, but she continues to live like she wishes. She loves teaching and does not see the use in spending obscene amounts of money on impractical things. She does have to admit though the money does help her pay for her passion of art. She normally lives on her teachers salary only dipping into her families money when she has a desire she cannot control. She is attracted to cute things like stuffed animals. She loves tea and cookies she has to have her tea time between class.

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