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New hello!

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1New hello! Empty New hello! on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:54 am


New Soul
Hello there! Just another fellow doll owner who watches Poiizu on deviantART and saw the link to check out this forum. I love small forums and have missed being a part of one!

As for my collection, I've currently got a nice little collection:

1. Joe Marcecano - Dollstown NS 15Boy Hue
2. Christoffer (Toffer) - Volks SD10 Ken
3. Yoshimura Kenta - Volks SD13 F-20 NS Boy
4. Desmond - Volks Yo-SD Rengemaru
5. Hayden - Volks SD10 School C
6. Chike - Volks Sunlight MSD F-13
7. Nakota - Iplehouse RS EID Gentle Akando
8. Fischer - Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Louis
9. Gaelin - Soom Heliot
10. Jonas - Crobidoll Marcel
11. Soom Yrie

Waiting to arrive:
12. Lorenzo - Dollshe Rosen Oriental Skin
13. Hardy - Volks SD13b School A mod
14. Horatio - Volks SD17 Williams "The Young Ensign"

Most of my dolls are original characters of mine that I write and draw. I do enjoy RPing, but am a bit picky with writing style and characters. Wink

It'll be great sharing with everyone!

2New hello! Empty Re: New hello! on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:58 am


Hey there! Thanks for joining! You have a great collection! Laugh

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